We gladly help you in planning your next gathering. We can also participate with the organization and registration, ranging from nameplate to copying.
When participants arrive, we, in collaboration set up a check-in counter where nameplate, application, space and the like are dealt. If your conference starting early is wise to remember that the check is usually from 15:00. We’ll naturally assist with luggage storage and wardrobe.
The final program, list of names, menu selection, planning list, charges and activities must be received by the hotel no later than two weeks prior to arrival so we can facilitate the best possible for you. Need for group or similar we ask them to clarify at the time of order so that this can be reserved. Give any information about guests who want rooms for allergy sufferers or have special needs.
To ensure the implementation of their events the hotel will contact you no later than 7 days before arrival for a review of the event.

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