Kongsvinger Fortress is situated on a hill in the northern part of town, overlooking the Glomma. The fortress was built in the late 1600s and have never been besieged or conquered, but has a very great strategic importance for the defense of southern Norway.
Kongsvinger Fortress facilitates many different artistic and cultural expression, adventure, recreation and employment. The castle is open to all and we recommend a trip up to watch this great defense.
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The oldest and protected district Øvrebyen, located at Kongsvinger northern part, was in 1975 regulated for the first Norwegian heritage site. It evolved from the camp of workers and military personnel that occurred with Kongsvinger Fattening in 1682. The settlement consists mostly of wooden houses dating from the early 1700s. Several of the houses are preserved and the whole town is protected.
Here you can stroll the streets and see how Jonas Lie and Dagny Juel grew up. There are also a couple of lovely shops and a cafeteria.
Only 20 minutes from Kongsvinger find Magnor Glassverk in downtown Magnor. Magnor Glassverk was founded in 1896 and here made the glass and crystal by skilled craftsmen. Vinger Hotell cooperates with Magnor Glassverk and you can see many of their magnificent creations around the hotel.
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Charlottenberg is perfect for those who want to go on «Harry trade» borderline. Follow Highway 2 for about 30 minutes then you arrive. Here you can shop everything from food to clothes and stroll around the pleasant little town which is a few km from Charlottenberg shopping mall.

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