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Table manners
Here are some rules of thumb that you can take with you when you must make a border location.

  • The guest of honor will be the host or hostess at the table.
  • A guest of honor is usually a person you have not seen in a long time, a person who has done something special, a colleague from work who is not been with you for dinner earlier or similar, should also be the older guests. Grandmother is the natural guest of honor in the family if she is the oldest.
  • The woman always sits to the right man.
  • The host and hostess within seated at each end of the table, or alternatively the middle of each long side.
  • Married couples should not sit together.
  • Fiancee sitting next to each other. The same applies to cohabitants where the relationship is not «old».
  • Avoid couple sitting opposite each other except host.
  • If the number of women/men is not the same prioritize those who are single/unaccompanied.

Table layout
We can offer many different table layouts. Please contact us for finding out which layout is best suited for their company.

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